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Augment your team and boost your DotNet project with top-level expertise and experienced developers in 72 hours. Yes, Core Scale is now offering brilliant ideas for you to hire remote .Net developers for your team.

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Why Core-Scale for .NET Team Augmentation?

Core-Scale developers have an established track record in .NET development and have proven to be one of the best .NET staff augmentation companies that provides you with the highly skilled & pre-vetted remote developers to boost your project. Core Scale now gives an opportunity to hire remote .Net developers from your comfort zone. Hire engineers on flexible hiring models and start reaching your back-end development goals efficiently.

The top 4 reasons why you should choose A Core-Scale to hire remote .NET developers team:

Ease of Choosing the best

From the pool of experts, choose the one who can understand your needs and help you grow.

Direct Communication

Take control of the project’s quality by gaining maximum control over the team and ensure maximum productivity.

Fast Scaling and Descaling

Our services allow you to quickly gear up or down scale your workforce based on the needs of the project.

Save on employee retention

Expand or reduce your remote team at any time by hiring part-time or full-time developers for the required time.
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Extend Your .NET Team in 72 Hours

Hit the start hiring button and we should get to work.

Core-Scale Astronaut Pointing Upwards

Extend Your .NET Team in 72 Hours

Hit the start hiring button and we should get to work.

How to hire remote .Net developers for your team

Hire Core-Scale’s best Pre-Vetted .NET developers to work on anything from technical support for applications to configuring and debugging existing applications. Core Scale is now offering a quick way to hire remote .Net developers from the large pool of experienced .net developers

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Microsoft created the .Net framework which had various programming languages like C#, F#, VB.NET etc.

Desktop applications, Web-based apps, and Web services, all can be created with the .Net programming language.

Using the Microsoft framework , top .NET developers can select from a number of programming languages. C# and VB are the most popular.

So, when you choose to hire remote .Net developers, it is important for you to verify the following skills before you hire remote .net professionals.

In 2022 Object Orient Programming with C# and .NET Core is huge for creating great backend with exception support and customizable objects for an efficient backend to a website or application.

With Visual Studio IDE you can build web and native applications for multiple operating systems and devices with C#, F#, or Visual Basic. 

.NET Core is fundamentally modular in its design and architecture. The runtime, library and compiler components are all separate entities that communicate through well-designed interfaces.

.NET core offers greatly flexible deployment of your optimized backend technologies. It is also comparatively easier to deploy, debug and launch .NET apps easily and quickly.

Staff Augmentation Process

4 Easy steps to kick off your next project with the best remote developers

Staff Augmentation Process Step1: Get in touch to find the best remote developers

Get in touch

Fill the form and tell us what skills you need and how we can connect with you

Staff Augmentation Process Step2: Match the best remote developers


Get a list of pre-vetted remote engineers from our pool of skilled developers

Staff Augmentation Process Step3: On-board the best remote developers


Interview the developers you choose and on-board the most suitable candidates

Staff Augmentation Process Step4: hand shake describing work collaboration

All Set

You are all set to launch your development process with the best developers

Top Vetted Candidates

Remote Developers profile background
Remote Developers profile background
Remote Developers profile background
Remote Developers profile background
Full Stack
Graphical Full-stack developer

Full Stack Developer (6+ Years Exp.)

A dedicated full stack developer with 6 years of experience in application development. Who can handle both the front and back ends of a website or application with a strong attention to detail and experience in fast-paced team environments.


5+ years in ReactJS
6+ years in Java
6+ years in MySQL
6+ years in Oracle

Graphical Java developer

Java Developer (7+ Years Exp.)

A competent and diligent professional having experience in implementing and managing high-performance scalable web applications with efficient code and performance; in development, reporting, and bug resolution.


7+ years in Java
5+ years in Spring Boot
6+ years in Oracle
6+ years in MySQL

Graphical Dot NET developer

.NET Developer (18 Years Exp.)

A skillful professional having 18+ years of technical experience and 16+ years of .Net technology knowledge. Hire this developer to contribute to the entire development life cycle of your crucial projects and close up the delivery pipeline.


16+ years in ASP.NET, .NET MVC
16+ years in .NET Core, C#, .NET Framework
3+ years in Azure
12+ years in MySQL
4+ years in Oracle

Graphical Angular developer

Angular Developer (8+ Years Exp.)

A self-motivated Angular developer who is passionate about writing clean, bug-free, and secure code for developing performance-optimized applications.


8+ years in Angular
6+ years in Ionic
8+ years in HTML/CSS
7+ years in MongoDB

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    Things to know


    Each new developer is provided with a unique relevant test task. Core-Scale’s senior developer also conducts a technical interview to confirm the candidates’ ability to deliver.


    It’s very important to find such a member to the team or a team of those who are on the same page with the culture of your company. We ensure that the candidate fits in your company’s values.


    A team member must understand the language of the team. Core-scale’s experts check must-have traits like initiative, proactivity, English level, and great communication skills.


    There are many benefits to hiring remote .NET developers. One of the benefits is that you can find qualified developers without having to relocate them or relocate yourself. Another benefit is that the employers save costs on employee payroll, retention, and other management costs associated with hiring full-time in-house employees.
    There are a lot of remote .NET developers out there, but it is hard to find the right one for your project. We recommend following these steps: - First, think about what you need for the project and what kind of experience you want from the .NET developer. Are they experienced or do they just have a lot of free time? - Research and contact potential candidates. Ask them if they have done projects like yours in the past and if they can do it now. Make sure that they can communicate and understand your needs well enough to provide answers to any questions that you ask them. - Find someone who is qualified for your project, who can communicate well with you, and who has great reviews. At Core-Scale, we have a huge pool of qualified, experienced and pre-vetted .Net developers along with PHP, Nodejs, React Native and more experts who are screened and hired by us after a strategic hiring process. You can leverage this pool to work on your requirements in a matter of 72 hours. Connect with us today and jump on a call with our experts who will match the best candidates for your requirement as soon as you need them.
    You will need to consider how much time and skill a .NET developer has before you can determine if they are worth hiring. The cost of hiring a remote .NET developer depends on two major factors: 1) The model you are hiring them for (i.e part-time or full time) 2) the skill level of the job seeker. At Core-Scale we have defined pricing for you to hire the required talent on-demand at a fixed cost. Get in touch today to find out.
    There are many ways to find remote developers for your team. You can use upwork.com, freelancer.com, or even LinkedIn to find the right person for the job. But, all of these options will require you to source, verify, interview and narrow down the best suited developers. At Core-Scale, we have these time consuming tasks already sorted for you by building a huge database of expert, qualified and pre-vetted developers that are ready to work on your projects on your go.